Medien Kunst Archiv Wien (Media Art Archive Vienna)


has set itself the goal of archiving media art, and developing related theory and mediation of this art in the Internet. The MKA promotes the deliberation of artistic works, which are realized through the use of new media, and should be used as a platform where information and discussions are made available to the public.

The on-line presentation of the works will take place in individual steps and, together with the artists, will continue to expand on existing archives and the archives of the Basis Wien.

The archive is based on works that are in the collection of the Art Section of the Federal Government, and in the collections of the Basis Wien and the Depot. Systematic research possibilities in texts, pictures, and contexts show the variety of thematic and formal studies that the media artists of the last 30 years have undertaken.

The first sequence of the MKA will show a total of approximately 100 works, and will make these works available to an translocal public through pictures, texts, contexts, and a technical protocol.The MKA should be used by art and media theorists as a possible field of research, and give the development of media art from 1970 until today in a local and international context room for new representation and interpretations.

This project is open to new additions and other collections.