Das Konzert   Austria   1981


This video is another example of Romana Scheffknecht's talent for nonchalant minimalism. The artist plays a musical instrument, the saxophone, wearing a tie and permed hair in the cool style of the 1980s. And the saxophonist is accompanied by vocals ? by a dog. A dog that answers to the unusual name of Rosa Magenta, and whines and howls and contorts itself into whining and howling positions with the appropriate gestures. The duet performs in a setting that is like a photographer's studio. The movements of the protagonists producing the sounds are repeated as shadows in the background. After a while Rosa Magenta loses interest in the music, quietens down and then toddles out of the frame. The visual contemplation of interaction with sound, of the complex interplay between spontaneity and conscious deliberation comes to an end.
(Judith Fischer)
(translated by Jonathan Quinn)


3min stereo color PAL

Technical protocol



Romana Scheffknecht

Post production

Romana Scheffknecht


Romana Scheffknecht

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Niederösterreichisches Landesmuseum, St. Pölten, Medienkunstarchiv Wien