weiter - Interaktive Computerarbeit   Austria   1994


A word, taken from colloquial language, describes a principle, presents its own representation and is, as a word, a system for presentation, theoretical papers and practical conversion.
In its ambiguity it shows a complex system, which is determined by imperative, comparative, space and time. In its application influence and effectiveness are rehearsed. (Susanna Morgenstern)

Since 1993 Susanna Morgenstern continues to deal with the conceptual meaning of "weiter" ("further") and repeatedly finds places, media, institutions and constructions around the representation of the word via sound, light projection, computer animation, printing etc. To make (further) progress.

Morgenstern motorizes the word through selected media and is sure of an ambivalent reaction from viewers because of the "non-translatability" and versatile application of the word. The viscosity of the term accomplishes the task of a puzzle and the simultaneousness of the meanings leads to confusion.

The selection of the medium changes with the possibilities available to Morgenstern, and, since 1993, a trail can be traced through literature, daily papers, and exhibition halls and, as in this work, in the ARS Electronica in Linz. Morgenstern developed an interactive computer work especially for this exhibition, where the viewer evokes the term "Weiter" on the display through the use of any key on the keyboard. (Suess)

Here the viewers trigger a reaction, or vice versa. The imperative of the word calls for participation, the comparative commands improvement - this venture turns out to be ironic: time and again "Weiter" appears, as an image of its own conditions. (Suess)


Genetische Kunst - Künstliches Leben, 1993

Ars Electronica Center, Linz (OÖ), Austria


3min no sound color PAL

Technical protocol

S-VHS (recording, editing, master). Installation: Desktop computer Commodore 64, Monitor, Keyboard, Programmed DOS-Interface, Program: Turbo Pascal.


Susanna Morgenstern


Susanna Morgenstern

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