EXIT (L.A. CONFIDENTIAL) Los Angeles/Vienna   Austria / U.S.A   1998

Christof SCHLEGEL   Christian TECKERT  

Exit is a two part video: the first half, EX was filmed in Man´s theater by Christof Schlegel, and Christian Teckert filmed the second half, IT, in the Stadtkino cinema in Vienna.

In EXIT (L.A. Confidential), just as in the previous series FLEETING INTRUSIONS, the artist duo concentrates on the cinemagraphic representation of the city, the cinema and the real space of the city.

The two synchronized films both show the final scenes of a movie filmed in L.A.; during the credits each camera swings into the cinema, and moves through the exit onto the streets of the city - in one film it is L.A., in another film it is Vienna. This installation was shown in the Forum Stadtpark, Graz. (Suess)


Hot Rrrod, 1998

Forum Stadtpark, Graz (ST), Austria


32min mono color PAL

Technical protocol

Hi 8 (recording); Media 100 (editing); Betacam SP (master)

Produced together with

Thanks to Isa Rosenberger, Nicole Six, Forum Stadtpark

Post production

Zone, Wien


Bundeskuratorin für Kunst, Lioba Reddeker


Basis Wien


Christof Schlegel, Christian Teckert

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Basis Wien, Kunst, Information und Archiv, Wien