Head Mounted Display   Austria   1997


The video work takes the 3-D visualization method of the Head Mounted display literally and declares a body opposite the monitor as the projection surface. Marshall Mc Luhan precedes this work in his bible of medium theory " Understanding Media ": The viewer becomes a screen while watching television. He/ she is shot at with light impulses. Luhan refers to James Joyce,
who likens these light pulses to an attack of the light cavalry, titles his the skin of his soul filled with unconscious presentiment.

Stockburger's subject/screen wears mirrored sunglasses and we pursue not only the interface interactions of the player, but follow the sounds and images of the video game "Spectre Supreme". This piece refers to the players abstracted conception of space, referred to by the play process, which emerge as minimum physical reactions or can be found briefly in the mimic of the player.

In "Head Mounted Display" the player is the mediator of the video game and the symbol of a projection screen for the data. (Suess)


sincerely yours, 1998

Sofia Municipal Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

TED Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria


4min 6sec mono color PAL

Technical protocol

Beta SP (recording and partial editing); Avid Media Composer (edit computer, postproduction); Betacam SP (master)

Post production

Universität für angewandte Kunst, Wien


Universität für angewandte Kunst


Axel Stockburger

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