In My Room   Austria   1996


Many close-ups within a (?) room or a (?) dwelling of the artist. The cuts in and out do not allow recognition of space or furniture and the different details within a studio suggests color and form. In addition, affectionate glances of worn out corners of a shelf, contents of a desk, paint tubes, blankets, lemons, card indices, documents, paper handkerchiefs, coffee dishes and finally the desk photo of a woman are presented. Through the sound track: "In My Room" the rhythmic views of the room finally merge into a caress. (Suess)


sincerely yours, 1998

Sofia Municipal Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

TED Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria


2min 16sec mono color PAL

Technical protocol

Beta SP (recording); edited using camera, Betacam SP (master)


Simon Wachsmuth

Post production

Hochschule für angewandte Kunst


Simon Wachsmuth

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