Made in   Austria   1993

Martin KALTNER  

21 products from 21 countries. Martin Kaltner creates a "Made in " every 18 seconds: Private and ordinary alternate, a wooden box made in India, a rocket made in Russia, a whetstone made in Iraq, a tomato made in Holland, nails made in New Zealand...

The products inform, owing to the fact that they reveal their origin. Sober, plain and without sound, Kaltner presents the products, only the intervals create a certain rhythm.
The selection of the title and its animation are continuously adapted in a charmingly childlike way to the particular circumstances, and leave a certain happy realization with the viewer of how small the world of objects really is.(Suess)


sincerely yours, 1998

Sofia Municipal Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

TED Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria


6min 46sec color PAL

Technical protocol

16 mm (recording); Beta SP (master)

Produced together with

Thomas Baumann

Post production

Dilaini Bruno Prod., Wien


BMUK; Wien Kultur


Austrian Filmmakers Cooperative, Wien


Martin Kaltner

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