Where Do You Want To Go Today?   Austria   1997

Roland RUST   Johannes SCHWEIGER  

Shareware Deli, an exhibition at the Dutch Jan van Eyck Academy, and the subtitle of the video from the team Rust/ Schwieger. Attractive lifestyle headline themes, for example adrenaline corporate Zen, or alien nation, are put, through a semi-critical approach, into a new context through the use of clips and found footage from satellite TV in the form of channel hopping. Everywhere and also on TV: Identities are always being used and reformed, while they are constantly changing the context. Where do you want to go today? (Suess)


Shareware Deli, 1997

Jan van Eyck Akademie, Maastricht, Netherlands


28min stereo color PAL

Technical protocol

Beta SP (recording); Computer editing station: Videomaschine 2.0 Macintosh (postproduction); Beta SP (master)

Produced together with

voice: Agnes Barley; Bill Holt

Post production

Akademie der bildenden Künste, Wien


Roland Rust/Johannes Schweiger

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