Aprés Meli - Mélo (NIKE Corporate song)   Austria   1998

Roland RUST   Johannes SCHWEIGER  

Taking " My fidely EP "as a point of departure, Aprés Meli - Mélo describes existence in the midst of a post office party happening.
."... You have people who want to leave this dimension and return to their source, and you have other people who want to manifest the source here in the material world ..."

The advertising apparatus of large companies forces the identification with their products through the representation of a desired and/or available "existence" to a certain consumer group. In "Aprés Méli - Mélo" this strategy has become routine and tension arises between the interests pursued by the NIKE company and the effect of the video. Quoting from the credits: "reality and time are like the wind which we embrace, if it blows from the right direction and against which we place ourselves, if it does not do it on it?s own?. The video is one of altogether 18 contributions of the Sampler " sincerely yours, video art from Austria, curated by Birgit Mollik. (Suess)


Junge Szene 98, 1998

Wiener Secession, Wien, Austria

sincerely yours, 1998

Sofia Municipal Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

TED Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria


5min 7sec stereo color PAL

Technical protocol

Betacam SP (recording); Computer editing station Videomaschine 2.0, Macintosh (postproduction); Betacam SP (master)

Produced together with

Music: epy ´rubbed´/ Schall und Rauch, EPYand Crafts Records 1998; Text: Matthew Collin, John Godfrey (Contr.), ´altared state´, serpent´s tail´1997; Models: Bernd, Megumi, Nette, Paul, Ruth; Technical production: Roland Rust; Light, cable: Dietmar Schwärzler; Voice: Irene Lavina

Post production

Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Wien




Roland Rust, Johannes Schweiger

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Basis Wien, Kunst, Information und Archiv, Wien