Kraków / Krakau   Austria / Poland   1998

Gertrude MOSER-WAGNER   Beverly PIERSOL  

A group of artists has been producing the so-called VICE-VERSA projects since the end of 1995. The label describes instruments and methods of closing in on a common focus. The exchange of ideas and mutual interest is prospectively built into the results. Once the concept has been formed and the method of realization has been determined, the process of perception, interaction and mediation begins.

Art research takes on different forms and is very individual: the video "Krakow/ Krakau" shows "on site" research of non-existent similarities of two different places with the same name: the Austrian and the Polish Krakow. The project consists of a radio program (art radio), a video, research papers (Internet), publications and silkscreen prints. (Suess)


Letter, Word, Sentence, 1998

Fort Sztuki, Kraków, Poland

Videopräsentation: Vice Versa, 1998

basis wien, Wien, Austria

Le Corbusier Pavillion, Bologna, Italy


19min mono color PAL

Technical protocol

Hi 8 (recording); Media 100 (postproduction); Beta SP (master)

Produced together with

Piersol Beverly

Post production

Zone, Wien


Bundeskuratorin für Kunst Lioba Reddeker; Bundeskanzleramt


Basis Wien


Gertrude Moser-Wagner; Piersol Beverly

Copy to see

Basis Wien, Kunst, Information und Archiv, Wien