Rauschen   Austria   1997


"Snow" filmed from TV takes, through a computer filter, the form of a pupil. This is one animated trailer for "Lokal TV" produced for the exhibition "Zones of Disturbance", in which Lokal TV invited a series of artist groups, who use the medium television as possibility to voice critical opinions about political happenings.

Local TV is dedicated to the examination of different models of media in the public. Temporary installations of artworks are not of interest here, rather the creation of a network of different workgroups whose methods of working are related to concrete and politically ambitious TV productions. The co-operative has declared itself temporarily out of action because of a lack of workspace. (Suess)


Zonen der Verstörung, 1997

Marieninstitut, Graz (ST), Austria

Öffentlicher Raum Graz, Graz (ST), Austria

Steirischer Herbst, Graz (ST), Austria


17min mono color PAL

Technical protocol

Hi 8 (recording); Media 100 (postproduction); Beta SP (master)

Post production

Lokal TV


Bundeskuratorin für Kunst Lioba Reddeker


Basis Wien


Lokal TV

Copy to see

Basis Wien, Kunst, Information und Archiv, Wien