STILL-THE MOVIE   Austria   1997

Oliver HANGL  

STILL - THE MOVIE is the third part of the series STILL, dealing with the themes kissing, embracing, shooting, dancing, and calling. Books with pictures of famous film stills were taken as a point of departure, different themes were found in each bound book; musicians were invited to produced soundtracks to the films.

Hangl filmed these compositions in six short films where actors are seen hugging, kissing and dancing etc. with each other in various settings.

Showing the different stereotyped films in a sequence created a different possible story of the couple, which is brought together in STILL - THE MOVIE. The play with identities and metamorphoses within one theme is always present in Hangl's work, and he usually stays true to his stories and protagonists and his works seem like pieces of a story which will be continued. (Suess)


Daniel Rose In Double Fiction, 1997

Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, Ludwigsburg, Germany

sincerely yours, 1998

Sofia Municipal Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

TED Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria


13min stereo color PAL

Technical protocol

Media 100 (postproduction), Beta Sp (master)

Produced together with

Michael Krassnitzer, Elisabeth Kny (actress)
Wolfgang Gantner, Frenk Lebel, Werner Möbius, Robert Najar, N.I.C.J.O.B., Crono Popp, Franz Reisecker, Gerwald Rockenschaub (Sound)

Post production

Zone, Wien


Bundeskuratorin für Kunst Lioba Reddeker


Basis Wien


Oliver Hangl

Copy to see

Medienkunstarchiv Wien

her name was Diane