Napoli - Roma   Austria / Italy   1997

Siegrun APPELT  

A camera installed in a train compartment, films through an open window and captures the moving landscape: Napoli - Vienna. The linguistic description of the travel is indeed less an attempt in a precise description of reality, rather an attempt at capturing a continuos change and evaporation.

The flood of overlaying visual stimuli leads, in the end, to a mental reconstruction of the seen, the perception is therefore essentially cognitive. In the long run the video forces all mental perceptions to be released and permits confidence in the primarily visual happenings: extraordinarily multi-layered artistic structures open to the eyes. A train voyage as a flood of pictures in a contemporary medium: TV and video.

Sigrun Appelt's landscape series has already captured many stretches between Vienna, Graz, Wanne-Eickel, Neapel and Berlin on video and camera. She delivers not only images through the optics of the instrumental view (Christoph Doswald) which are not perceptible to the bare human eye, but also quite interesting documentary material over the architectural impressions of the landscape along European rails. (Suess)


Siegrun Appelt. Napoli - Roma, 1998

Galéria Knoll, Budapest, Hungary


47min stereo color PAL

Technical protocol

Hi 8 (recording); Media 100 (postproduction); Beta SP (master)

Post production

Triton Verlag, Wien


Bundeskuratorin für Kunst Lioba Reddeker


Triton Verlag, Wien


Siegrun Appelt

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